Buca Di Beppo: One Of Pittsburgh’s Station Square’s Best Restaurants

The joking stopped as we walked further away from the traditional Palestinian restaurant in East Jerusalem, called Philadelphia. All the guidebooks had recommended it. Even President Jimmy Carter called it his personal favorite. Yet there was something downright creepy about the entire experience. Philadelphia was certainly an odd name for a traditionally minded Middle Eastern restaurant, and Jerusalem isn’t exactly the city of brotherly love. Still, always seeking out something unique and authentic, we decided to leave the cosmopolitan, very Jewish West Jerusalem for the riskier, heavily Arab-populated area known as East Jerusalem.

In the Kurdistan territory of Northern Iraq about one person a day steps on a mine. Afghanistan is boasting ironically having the largest industry not other than the de-mining.

PLANT A TREE: Give a gift that will grow! Without your loved one knowing, plant a tree in your yard. You may also want to make a small yard sign that will sit near the tree and that says who the tree was planted for, and the date.

Generally, women appreciate thoughtfulness. If she has a preference for chocolates, send her a box with a love note. If it’s her birthday, have a bouquet of flowers delivered to her home or workplace. If it’s Valentine’s day, invite her to a fancy Restaurant for Dinner in Bali near me and dancing after. She is sure to appreciate your efforts.

If your children have never experienced real Mexican food they are in for a treat. Once you arrive at the restaurant let the kids check out the menu. Answer all of their questions about what this is or what that is. If you are unsure of any of the items feel free to ask your waitperson. They will be able to answer any questions about the food. It’s probably a good idea to have the children order something that is not too spicy. Let your waitperson know that you are doing this and they will probably be able to make some recommendations.

There is a digital display of the train’s speed above every carriage door in kilometres an hour (sorry Americans) and watching the speed sit at 343 km/h or higher was mesmerizing.

4) 30 Minute Mindful Period Every Day. Although I learned this technique from my daughters Occupational Therapist, it resonates to all children across the board and even to the adults traveling. Every day, on any vacation or trip, anywhere in the world, a 30-minute mindful period is mandatory for a successfully happy child. It’s not hard to accommodate this Tip. Whether it’s after the morning Skiing and before the Hot Tubing or after the morning trip to the beach and before the afternoon at the pool, gathering the troops(adults included) and heading to the hotel room or Grandma’s cabin to enjoy a 30 minute period of peaceful, creative play, alone is a guaranteed way to refresh the troops and give each person the ability to rejuvenate in a way that will help you avoid Sensory Overload.

Could it be that I, an educated well-traveled person, was poisoned by media like everyone else? Maybe God, luck, or fate intervened on my behalf. I was blessed with the unique and delightful opportunity to see first-hand that the human spirit doesn’t change based on our location, color, or upbringing. Most people value the same things from wherever they may hail. The basics: love, respect, dignity, and kindness. Those are simply the fundamental ingredients of humanity. I am grateful for the life lesson.

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